9 Times Balloons BLEW Us Away

We all know Pop Art Balloon Twisters CT has some fabulous tricks up its sleeve when it comes to custom balloon animals, characters, flowers and (as well as with face painting and glitter tattoos). However, did you know how wild the world of balloon twisting can be? Some balloon artists actually go above and beyond the norm of what usually comes to mind when one thinks of “balloon twisting.” Maybe some examples here will inspire you for entertainment with your next kid’s birthday party, bar mitzvah, picnic, or any other fun event!


Looks like this balloon van takes the meaning of flat tire to a whole new level!


We checked: this balloon Hulk is still pretty incredible

balloon hulk

The show is called Teenage Mutant Ninja Balloons now, right?


No need for a clown at your next birthday party– just more balloons!


Perks of being a balloon flower – watering not necessary.


With the season of wedding parties upon us,

who says a dress should be made of fabric


This sculpture, called Pisces, is an artist’s

interpretation of the Greek legend in which

Aphrodite and her son escape the monster

Typhon by becoming intertwined fish.

(And it contains about 10,000 balloons!)


This impressive balloon art sculpture takes

defying gravity to a whole new level! (Sorry, Wicked)


And last, but certainly not least, it might just be 
Elmo’s world
and we’re just living in it.


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