ABOUT DAVE: His Balloon Twisting Journey

Hey all! I get lots of questions about how I learned to balloon twist, so I thought I’d let everyone who’s curious know how this all began!

Back in 2009, at my oldest child’s kindergarden Parent Action Team meeting, I was put in charge of fundraiser entertainment. After hours of trying to find a free balloon twister and failing, I decided to try it myself. And after a few more hours, I had learned a sword, a dog, and a flower. (Well, it was a start!)

Since then I’ve been getting better and better. And by now, I can twist basically anything you’d want! Because I love it!

Balloon twisters go to professional conventions, can subscribe to services like BalloonClick.com, and can join all sorts of FaceBook groups set on helping them get better. I do all three! Its’ a lot of hours every year, but the results are worth it.

Besides balloon twisting, I work a semi-boring day job, spend my evenings with my wonderful three children, and root for the SeaHawks whenever I find a spare second.

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