BACK TO SCHOOL: Balloon Hacks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (For teachers, anyway. Right?) The back-to-school season is in full swing. Whether you’re a teacher looking for fun classroom decorations and activities, or a sorority looking for fun rush ideas, Pop Art Balloon Twisting is here to help with these fun back-to-school ideas!

Balloon Welcome Gift

If you’re a teacher looking to make your classroom more fun, try attaching a balloon to each student’s desk to help them find their spot more easily. It will not only serve as a sort of welcome gift for your students, but give your classroom a much more colorful and approachable look (which is especially helpful for younger students).

Balloon Art

Maybe you’re an art teacher, or need an activity to keep kids occupied for arts and crafts. Try filling balloons with paint and having kids pop them over a canvas to make abstract art – this isn’t just for Mia Thermopolis and her mom in the Princess Diaries!

Or, for a Greek twist…

Tape the letters of your sorority onto a board, and fill the balloon with paint specifically in your sorority’s colors! You could incorporate the activity into rush week as a fun way to not only make art for your house, but get to know potential new members!

Balloon Countdown


Although the end of the school is incredibly far away, you can still use balloons as a fun way of counting down any special event – a holiday, and special day at school, a carnival, whatever! Simply blow up the balloons, write the numbers for each day on them, and hang them up anywhere in your classroom. Make it incentive for your kids to behave well – their reward is getting to pop a balloon at the end of the day.

Balloon Science Experiment


You can use balloons as part of a fun science experiment with students! Have students fill a water bottle about 1/3 of the way with vinegar, and and fill a balloon with baking soda. Then attach the opening of the balloon to the top of the bottle, being careful not to spill any baking soda into the bottle. When your students are ready, lift the balloon, allowing the baking soda to mix with the vinegar, and watch the balloon expand as the gas fills it. You can discuss with students how the combination of baking soda and vinegar creates carbon dioxide, which blows up the balloon!

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