Birthday Party Tips: Run Everything Smoothly!

Dave has done over 200 birthday parties in the years he’s been balloon twisting! Take a few cues from our professional balloon bender and check out what the most-organized parties in CT do at their birthdays:

Add balloons to your mail box.

If no one can find your party, they’re going to be blowing up your phone. Don’t get pulled out of your party: you don’t even need helium! Just some left over balloons and string 🙂

Consider your theme.

If you haven’t already told us your theme, make sure to let Dave know! We can do MineCraft, My Little Pony, Frozen, or anything else your kids love! (And if we don’t know it, we’ll learn it!)

For face painting, consider buying mirrors.

Hit the dollar store: a handful of hand-held mirrors will have the kids bursting with joy!

Offer your artist a drink!

You’ll notice Dave and the face painter do a lot of talking to little guests. We generally have water bottles, but just in case, it’s really helpful to keep us up and entertaining!

For balloon twisting, consider getting some boxes.

We love twisting balloon designs the kids can wear, but inevitably every balloon sculpture will be left somewhere. And lawns are the #1 killer of balloons! A few boxes outside for kids to drop their balloons while they’re eating cake or jumping in the pool will go along way. Nothing fancy! Cardboard or laundry bins work great.

For both face painters and balloon twisters, a small set up area.

Our artists can all bring folding tables and chairs if requested, but we usually ask our clients provide them to help keep our costs (and prices) down. Just a small folding table or even part of a picnic table is fine, and two chairs: one for the artist, and one for the child!

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