2020 Cancelation Policy

Hi everybody –

Since no one in CT is having any events soon, here is my current policy for all deposits I already took in for parties on the books. I know it’s not perfect, believe me, but right now this is the best I can. The long and the short of it is that, even though you don’t see it, the deposit money goes to things like this website, the business phone, and many other things that have already been paid for. I’m going to be suspending all of my business services until I can operate again to keep costs low, but for right now here is my unperfect plan:

  1. The money which was paid, whether it was a deposit or a party paid in full, can be used any time between now and December 31, 2021. This should be well over a year and a half of opportunities.
  2. This can be for your party or given as a gift to someone else, like a family member or school. Just let me know.
  3. If you’re not sure about entertainment at any events going forward, I will be working with local magicians so that their services (which do not involve children touching anything, or anyone handing anything to children) can be booked through my company. (A big thank you to Mike, Meg, Kenny, and Jim for this.)

And for any future events in 2020:

  1. I will not be offering any face painting services until January 1, 2021. While this might seem extreme, I love my kids and won’t want anyone to touch their faces with anything for a long time. I’m sure you feel the same.
  2. I am still requiring deposits for future parties, but will be very very flexible with our cancelation policy. If you put a deposit down for anything in 2021 and your party is canceled for any reason, please just give me 48hrs notice. You can move your deposit to any party within 365 days of the original party.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m doing my best to do the right thing while making sure my company can continue making kids smile into the future when this is all behind us.

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