Foam Parties

Foam parties in CT, MA, and RI are exploding in popularity! Pop Art is excited to help our clients start hosting foam parties in their backyards or venues, and are bringing our 10+ years of event entertainment experience to your upcoming party.

Tweens dancing at a foam party in CT

What to expect at foam parties in CT

Photos don’t accurately describe what a foam dance party is. From the point of view of the host, a Pop Art Foam Party is:

  • A sensory-filled, larger-than-life experience for guests at any age that has to be seen to be believed
  • You book the experience with us, and we provide everything from equipment to talent to music
  • You can focus on other aspects of your event before and during your party. Our trained technicians take care of everything else!
  • You get to dance and have fun with your guests (which you deserve!) while our talent run everything.
  • We break down and the foam takes care of itself, so there’s nothing else to worry about once the party is over!

From your guests’ perspective, a foam party is:

  • Something they’ve seen on TV or social media (or have never heard of before)
  • An amazing sensory experience where foam piles up to their chests and flies through the sky!
  • An all-in-one memory maker, dance party, and selfie station.
  • The experience of a lifetime
Three girls posing for the camera, covered in foam

How to throw a foam party for a large group

For large groups, we suggest that guests either come in on a staggered schedule or that there are additional activities happening in your event.

Each foam cannon rental has the capacity to create foam for up to 25 guests at once, so some options look like:

  • Rent multiple foam cannons (up to 3 available, with full set-ups and techs) for larger groups at once
  • Add more time with just 1 cannon for schools, camps, or daycares with different groups scheduled to go at different times (so for example, a camp of 100 kids could schedule 4 waves of 30 minutes for each group of 25 kids, for a total of 2hrs of foam cannon rental).
  • Adult and college events can use wristbands with designated party times to stagger waves of partygoers
  • Have a larger experience with multiple stations at the same time. Like an amusement park, guests can wait in line for a 20-minute session in the foam pit. (Just make sure to include your own ropes and staff for the line. Our techs are busy running the foam machine rentals!)

If you’re in doubt, just ask our office for some ideas!

Two young kids in the woods wearing summer camp tshirts and playing in bubbles

How to throw foam kids’ birthday parties

The foam rental industry standard is to schedule a maximum of 1-hour sessions per group, largely because after that… kids are tired!

Our foam kids’ party includes:

  1. Foam cannon rental
  2. Foam party technician
  3. All other equipment… and endless foam solution!
  4. A large speaker and aux cord, plus our favorite mix of today’s hits and 80s-90s throwbacks for parents (all family-friendly, of course!)

If you want to run multiple stations, we recommend adding balloon twisting to your foam party. We love face paint and tattoos, but nothing says POP like balloons and bubbles! (Plus, balloons won’t wash out like face painting, and our balloon twisters won’t have to compete with our loudspeakers like a magic show.)

A young girl with foam on her head laughing - foam parties CT, MA, RI

Kids’ party safety

We know that the best memories are made only when kids are 100% safe. At the beginning of any party, our foam techs will announce the rule:

  1. No hitting or pushing in the foam. Kind hands only, and only if someone says it’s ok!
  2. No sitting or lying down under the foam. If you’re covered, no one can see you and they could trip on you!
  3. No eating the foam or putting it in your mouth. You’ll probably barf!

And speaking of eating the foam (trust us, there’s always one kid who manages it), here are some additional safety notes for parents:

  1. Kids can come dressed in anything that’s ok to get wet, including athletic clothes or swimwear. Just know it’ll get wet, so bring a towel and something dry to change into.
  2. Kids can be barefoot or wear any shoes that are ok to get wet. They might lose a flip-flop or two in the foam, so if it’s important to the parent that the child wears their shoes the whole time, opt for sandals made for sports, water shoes, or sneakers that are ok to get drenched.
  3. Goggles are encouraged, but the foam won’t irritate your eyes.
  4. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Foam doesn’t protect from sunburn.

And if you want to know more about our professional foam liquid, here’s what the manufacturer says:

Our foam is made up of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerol and water. These are also the main ingredient used in things like shampoo, dish soap and even tooth paste but without the additional chemicals and perfumes.

An adult woman blowing bubbles at a foam party

Teen and adult foam events

But it’s not all kids’ events here! Here are some other types of events where we’ve entertained at with foam parties, and what makes them different.

  • College Events – If you’ve done every inflatable rental under the sun, try something new! Just make sure to work with our office so we can safely stagger the number of students (and faculty) that will show up.
  • Bar / Bat Mitzvahs – If you’re renting out a nightclub, we can likely make a foam party work! Foam parties are an over-the-top experience that will have all the kids feeling like grown-ups, and we can coordinate with the DJ of your choice.
  • Project Graduations – If your event has an outdoor space, have us at the beginning of the night before the newly-graduated students doze off. Just note, gyms and cafeterias likely won’t meet the requirements we have for safety because of floor material and drainage.
  • Nightclubs – Say less. Have a ticketed event on your slow night and watch it sell out!
  • Corporate Events – Whether it’s your adults-only bash or a family event, we can create a unique experience that your guests won’t forget. We’re also happy to answer any questions your HR or legal departments have, and have a decade of experience working with companies in finance, tech, and manufacturing.
  • Weddings – If you’re looking for something to get everyone on the dance floor, foam parties are a totally unique memory for outdoor weddings. Just make sure the bride has a costume change!
  • Events for mixed ages – ask us about our Adult Swim packages, perfect for having the kids leave the dance floor and turning on the throwbacks!
Teens dancing at a foam party

How to rent a foam cannon

Want to move forward and rent a foam cannon? Submit a quote and we’ll let you know our foam technicians’ availability and pricing for your event!

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