Hair Art!

Looking for a creative and colorful face painting alternative? Hair art is just as fun for kids (and adults), and comes with three different products to help every kid build their custom look:

  1. Hair tinsel – add shimmering extensions to your hair! Perfect for every hair type, but best for long hair.
  2. Glitter gel – decorate your roots, ponytail, or bangs! And for short hair, you can cover the whole head.
  3. Hair chalk – add a touch of color to your look. Hair chalk goes on dry and comes out quickly in the shower, perfect for short hair looking for a ton of color (and works great with long-hair looking for a streaky highlight).

For faster parties, guests can pick their favorite hair product and it’ll come out like the photos above.

But for parties with more time, our artists will apply 1-3 of the products to make a custom look! (And we can even include glitter beards for adults!)

Hair art is perfect for all hair types, with a few notes.

For blonde hair, hair chalk comes out brighter and more colorful. However, if a guest’s hair is dyed blonde (and has suffered damage from bleach or box dye) then hair chalk color may stain for up to a week. Natural blondes or salon-treated blondes have nothing to worry about.

For types 3 and 4 hair, glitter gel will be harder to wash out. Hair tinsel and hair chalk are both much easier to get out and won’t damage extensions.

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