“Can you do ____ design for balloon twisting?”

I often get asked, “can you come up with an _____ design for our themed party?” The short answer is yes: because you get what you pay for!

I’ve been twisting balloons for five years, going to balloon twisting conventions (yes, they’re real!), and practicing all along the way. Whether it’s Skylander, Spongebob, Disney, or anything else, I can make it work!

My fascination with balloon twisting came with my first child’s kindergarden Parents Group. After volunteering to help with a fundraiser, I couldn’t find a free balloon twister anywhere. Well, I soon learned why! After a few hours work I could twist a dog, a sword, a flower, and that was about it!

But I had a blast!!!!!!!!!

Balloon twisting is a passion, a hobby, and a part-time job. I’d love to come up with some special designs for your next party!

(Just let me know in advanced. Because if I don’t know the show or character, I’m happy to learn it!)

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