“Can you volunteer your time?” Memoirs of a Balloon Twister

Looking for a free balloon twister? To volunteer their time? It’s a good cause and it doesn’t cost the balloon twister anything. Plus, their job is fun!

TRUE: our job is fun. And your cause is probably great.

FALSE:  it doesn’t cost us anything.

Here’s a quick breakdown of balloon twisting. As you’ll see on our site, we charge around $150-175 an hour for balloon twisting. And here’s why:

There are 52 weekends a year, and Dave works an average of 8 hours a weekend. So one year is 416 hours of balloon twisting. And here’s our cost:

  • Classes every year: $800
  • BalloonClick.com subscription: $200
  • Cell phone and internet usage: $30/month x 12 months =$360
  • Cost of balloons per year: $400
  • Cost of apron, pump per year: $125
  • Cost of specialty insurance per year: $250
  • Extra hours put into balloon twisting a year: well over a thousand!

PLUS money we can’t be making because Dave is volunteering at your event? $150-175/hr!

We would love to give your 501C3 a discounted rate, but you get what you pay for! Hire an expert today!

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