Snow Day Policy

We keep getting asked: “What happens if it snows?”

Connecticut is a pretty crazy place to throw parties during the winter! For everyone’s safety, we ALWAYS encourage you reschedule  your party if its going to be snowing or icing within a few hours before your party or during your party. We have heard of a few fender-benders (thankfully nothing worse) by guests trying to get to birthdays!

Our actual policy, however, is this:

  • If you outright cancel your party for any reason including snow, you forfeit your deposit
  • If you reschedule your party for any reason outside of your control including snow, we will move your deposit
  • If we cancel for weather, we refund your money and give you 50% off your next party. This has only happened to us once!
  • We won’t cancel for any other reason!

Hope this helps!!!!!!

Balloon… Music?

Okay, who here has watched me squeak balloons as I work? The squeaking of the sharpie when I’m drawing the eyes on your dog? I like the sound! But, okay I can understand it’s annoying…

But the balloon sounds in this video are everything but annoying, it’s music!

Open your speakers, press play and enjoy!

FESTIVALS WANTED: Let Us Entertain At Your Event!

Free entertainment!!!!! (Sort of.)

Our balloon twisters would love to entertain at your festival, for barter!

Dave is looking for four festivals in 2015 to do strolling balloons at, for free, as long as you can supply his assistant a table to set up and meet potential clients at!

All you have to do is:

  • Have an expected attendance of over 4,000
  • Be located in Southern CT
  • Your demographic has to be families
  • No overhead costs for PopArt

That’s it! Get in touch with us today!

Balloon Twisting Tips: Walmart Balloons!?

My favorite comment from new twisters is always: “When I do that the balloons pop all the time.” I always laugh and ask what brand balloons they have used. 99% of the time their answer is “I don’t know, from the toy store.” or “From the discount market.” The only advice I can give them is to buy Qualatex balloons and try again. They sell them in our local party store. My favorite say is “Even if you are the greatest balloon artist in the world, with bad balloons you can’t do anything because they will pop.”

Since we don’t have Walmart in the Netherlands I don’t have any experience with their balloons but my favorite YouTube balloon twister Holly Hopper ‘The Twister Sister’ has made a YouTube video where in she tests Walmart Balloons. Funny and interesting video!

Only balloon muggles make this mistake? Well…

When I was in Mexico a few years ago I wanted to have a chat with the clown in our resort. I wondered why he had twisting balloons pumped up and handed them out without even making a sausage dog out of it. He didn’t understand English and my Spanish is not that good so I showed him wat I ment. I took a balloon to make a simple dog out of it. Hmmm, these don’t feel like Qualatex balloons but okay… Then I tried to make some twists – you’ll probably already get it – the balloon popped when I hadn’t even finished the front legs.

I thought that only non balloon twisting people buy bad balloons but this story proofs that even professional people sometimes work with lousy balloons. I still don’t know or I had to feel sorry for him or that he just was not that professional as he looked like…

My advice, buy professional, good quality balloons if you want to be taken serious as a balloon artist.

“Can you volunteer your time?” Memoirs of a Balloon Twister

Looking for a free balloon twister? To volunteer their time? It’s a good cause and it doesn’t cost the balloon twister anything. Plus, their job is fun!

TRUE: our job is fun. And your cause is probably great.

FALSE:  it doesn’t cost us anything.

Here’s a quick breakdown of balloon twisting. As you’ll see on our site, we charge around $150-175 an hour for balloon twisting. And here’s why:

There are 52 weekends a year, and Dave works an average of 8 hours a weekend. So one year is 416 hours of balloon twisting. And here’s our cost:

  • Classes every year: $800
  • subscription: $200
  • Cell phone and internet usage: $30/month x 12 months =$360
  • Cost of balloons per year: $400
  • Cost of apron, pump per year: $125
  • Cost of specialty insurance per year: $250
  • Extra hours put into balloon twisting a year: well over a thousand!

PLUS money we can’t be making because Dave is volunteering at your event? $150-175/hr!

We would love to give your 501C3 a discounted rate, but you get what you pay for! Hire an expert today!

“Can you do ____ design for balloon twisting?”

I often get asked, “can you come up with an _____ design for our themed party?” The short answer is yes: because you get what you pay for!

I’ve been twisting balloons for five years, going to balloon twisting conventions (yes, they’re real!), and practicing all along the way. Whether it’s Skylander, Spongebob, Disney, or anything else, I can make it work!

My fascination with balloon twisting came with my first child’s kindergarden Parents Group. After volunteering to help with a fundraiser, I couldn’t find a free balloon twister anywhere. Well, I soon learned why! After a few hours work I could twist a dog, a sword, a flower, and that was about it!

But I had a blast!!!!!!!!!

Balloon twisting is a passion, a hobby, and a part-time job. I’d love to come up with some special designs for your next party!

(Just let me know in advanced. Because if I don’t know the show or character, I’m happy to learn it!)

Fourth of July Special: CT Balloon Twisting Deliveries!

Throwing a big party? Let Dave deliver! Bins or “trees” of pre-sculpted balloons are great give-aways for any crowd. Plus, unlike most take-aways, the kids can even play with them!

Here are our order options:

  • 100 balloon wands for $150
  • 50 balloon super heroes for $150
  • 50 balloon headbands for $175
  • 25 balloon animals (your choice) for $200

Place your order today with your time and address, and we’ll see you on the Fourth of July!

Balloon Lovers Rejoice: Koons Messanger Bag!

We probably all know Jeff Koons $58.4 million yellow balloon dog sculpture and now it’s your chance to get one for 1/1,168,000th the price. Okay… it’s not a sculpture but a handbag. Koons is following the footsteps of Isabel Marant and Karl Lagerfeld by designing for the Swedish fashion giant H&M.

Jeff Koons balloon dog bag H&M

The bag will be for sale at H&M from the end of this week. Who else is going to be in line? 😀

Read the complete article on

Jeff Koons balloon dog yellow

You can find more about Jeff Koons and other balloon art at this Pinterest page.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Balloon Twisting for Sheri from Fairfield

Here’s our awesome review from Sheri! We entertained with face painting and balloon twisting at her son’s CARS-themed 5th Birthday in Fairfield!

Hi Dave! Just wanted to thank you and your face painter for coming to Bryan’s birthday! It’s been a few days and Lighting McQueen is still sitting on his dresser! He loves it, and I can’t believe how much detail you could put in a car balloon!

We’ll be calling you soon for Sophie’s birthday this fall!!!!!!

Birthday Party Tips: Run Everything Smoothly!

Dave has done over 200 birthday parties in the years he’s been balloon twisting! Take a few cues from our professional balloon bender and check out what the most-organized parties in CT do at their birthdays:

Add balloons to your mail box.

If no one can find your party, they’re going to be blowing up your phone. Don’t get pulled out of your party: you don’t even need helium! Just some left over balloons and string 🙂

Consider your theme.

If you haven’t already told us your theme, make sure to let Dave know! We can do MineCraft, My Little Pony, Frozen, or anything else your kids love! (And if we don’t know it, we’ll learn it!)

For face painting, consider buying mirrors.

Hit the dollar store: a handful of hand-held mirrors will have the kids bursting with joy!

Offer your artist a drink!

You’ll notice Dave and the face painter do a lot of talking to little guests. We generally have water bottles, but just in case, it’s really helpful to keep us up and entertaining!

For balloon twisting, consider getting some boxes.

We love twisting balloon designs the kids can wear, but inevitably every balloon sculpture will be left somewhere. And lawns are the #1 killer of balloons! A few boxes outside for kids to drop their balloons while they’re eating cake or jumping in the pool will go along way. Nothing fancy! Cardboard or laundry bins work great.

For both face painters and balloon twisters, a small set up area.

Our artists can all bring folding tables and chairs if requested, but we usually ask our clients provide them to help keep our costs (and prices) down. Just a small folding table or even part of a picnic table is fine, and two chairs: one for the artist, and one for the child!